Groove-it became partner of IAP GmbH from Hamburg, Germany. A Progress partner that markets several tools in the Progress Openedge field, bundled in Tools4Progress. They have introduced OF-1, a development-framework for OpenEdge.

Groove-it Application Development launched in November 2005 its business.

More specifically; application development on a range of different platforms. This includes: OpenEdge Progress, Microsoft VBA en application development in Php, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript en Mysql. Furthermore Groove-it implements CMS-systems like Joomla! en Drupal. Groove-it also developer her own CMS GrooveCMS.


Groove-it is the company of George van Veen, an experienced dutch developer with a career in application development for 15 years. George worked for several international companies in varying lines of busines such as stock-market, private-banking, (tax-free) retail and an internationally known car brand. George is also an experience trainer in IT-products such as Joomla! cms.

Application development

With over 10 years of development experience in Progress/Openedge Groove-it is a reliable partner in this field. The knowledge of RAD-tools for Openedge, like DWP and OF-1 is very good and solid. Programming Appserver-technique and Ajax-connections is Proven Technology.

Web development

Groove-it has a wide experience in Web Development. Php combined with MySql, Javascript and Ajax, CSS, HTML and XML. Use of Web-development tools like Ruby on Rails and PEAR is common.

Open source internet tools

Besides tailor made websolutions Groove-it can fulfill your needs for CMS-systems like Joomla and Drupal. Varying from advice to implementation of a complete website based on Joomla! or Drupal. Also converting a design into a template is save with Groove-it.


Groove-it has developed a Content Managment System with another approach! It is not based on the templating model and data is not stored in a database. De content is presented by the back-end to the front-end through Ajax-technology. This way the installation and administration of the site is easy, the web-designer/developer has optimal freedom and it is lightning fast!


Groove-it is specialised in application and web-development, but is has excellent partners to provide with other, related, products like web-hosting, web-design, copy-writing, illustrations and organisation/communication advice can be arranged by partners of Groove-it.